Individual Business Practitioner Priority

Can't get through to the IRS?

Individual Business Practitioner Priority

We guarantee you'll speak with a live representative!

Start a call at a better rate than subscription based sites or other calling services. Most calls, including the appointment line, are only 5 dollars.

We have Practitioner Priority Lines for Business and Individual accounts with the transparency for you to know that we are saving you money and time with each call.

We support several lines to get through to the IRS, and we're adding more. We also provide custom calling solutions for businesses that plan to call the IRS regularly.



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Putting phone together
About LeapFrogr Services

Saving you time and money

Our system dials the IRS to get a hold line and uses proprietary methods to determine wait times and callback availability. We offer better pricing and more flexibility for a superior experience.

High Success Rate

Our software and detection methods are always improving and staying one step ahead to ensure a high success call rate.

Enterprise Security

We use standardized security protocols and enterprise level solutions with payment processing and call management.


What works for you?

Get a call from IRS's callback service

When starting a dedicated call you'll have the option to be placed in line for a callback from the IRS, or you can get a call immediately from us and we'll patch you into the hold line.


LeapFrog your wait time

We always have several calls in progress and we charge 15-25 cents a minute only while we wait on hold for you, which is a far better price than any competitor.

Steps of Procedure

Here are the steps of the process.



Sign up for an account with your email, phone number.


Load Your Account Balance

Add as little as $5 to your account to get started.

Select Service That Fits Your Needs

You can start a dedicated call with callback options available, otherwise you can select a line to join.

Receive Your Call

You'll receive your call with a calculated estimated hold time or a callback when the IRS is ready.

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